Accepted Papers

Conference Papers

  • Shot Boundary Detection: Fundamental Concepts and Survey
    Abdel Halim Benoughidene and Titouna Faiza
  • Lightweight CNNs-Based Object Detection for Embedded Systems implementation
    bdelmalek Bouguettaya, Ahmed Kechida and Amine Mohamed Taberkit
  • Improved G723.1 Codec Speech Quality Under Severe Packet Loss Conditions
    Adil Bakri
  • Speech emotion recognition using MFCC features: application in e-learning environements
    Adil Boughida, Mohammed Nadjib Kouahla and Imad Chebata
  • Job Migration for Load Balancing Algorithm in Grid Computing Using Queue Length parameter
    Ali Wided and Bouakkaz Fatima
  • Sample Selection criteria in a Semi-Supervised framework for Case-Based Reasoning Learning
    Asma Chebli, Akila Djebbar and Hayet Farida Merouani
  • Codebook Design Using Particle Swarm Optimization and K-means for Vector Quantization of Spectral Speech Parameters
    Bedouhene Saida and Fatiha Merazka
  • Credit Card Fraud Detection for E-commerce transactions using LSTM
    Ben Said Tayeb, Amine Abdelmalek and Hamou Reda
  • A genetic approach wrapped Support vector machine for feature selection applied to Parkinson's disease diagnosis
    Bouslah Ayoub and Taleb Nora
  • Language Modeling based on a Arabic Algerian Oranee Dialect Corpus
    Fréha Mezzoudj, Djamila Hammouche, Mourad Loukam and Fatma Zohra Belkredim
  • Integration of Network Coding in a Multi-Source Multi-Relay Cooperative Wireless Network
    Ghania Khraimech and Fatiha Merazka
  • Geometrical Characterization of Wide Stitched Jute Fabric using Image Processing technique
    Hadjer Boughanem, Hamza Bouguessir, Walid Barhoumi and M M Haythem Ghazouani
  • Multiple Description Coding and Forward Error Correction Concealment Methods for ACELP Coders in Packet Networks
    Hocine Chaouch and Fatiha Merazka
  • Fast pedestrian detection based on CENTRIST-HOG
    Houssam Eddine Rouabhia, Brahim Farou, Zine Eddine Kouahla, Hamid Seridi and Muhammet Kurulay
  • An Improved Brain Tumor Segmentation method Based on Multi-level Thresholding and Morphological Reconstruction
    Imane Mehidi, Djamel Eddine Chouaib Belkhiat and Dalel Jabri
  • Stacked Sparse autoencoder for unsupervised features learning in PanCancer miRNA cancer classification
    Imene Zenbout, Abdelkrim Bouramoul and Souham Meshoul
  • Latency and energy efficient routing-aware TDMA for Wireless Sensor Networks
    Islam Amine Bouchedjera and Lemia Louail
  • Performance Evaluation of Compressive Sensing for multifrequency audio Signals with Various Reconstructing Algorithms
    Karima Mahdjane and Fatiha Merazka
  • A novel Arabic handwriting recognition system based on image matching technique
    Kef Maâmar and Chergui Leila
  • Comparative Study of the Main Full Duplex MAC Protocols in the Future Generation of HEW WLANs
    Kenza Hocini and Mohand Yazid
  • A Genetic Kangaroo Algorithm for Minimizing Total Weighted Tardiness Cost on Single Machine
    Lamiche Chaabane and Djahel Bouchra
  • Detection and Recognition of traffic signs : case of Algeria
    Merad Boudia Djalal, Keddar Nourria and Ahmed Belkacem Leila
  • Deep Learning Trends and Techniques in Facial Expression Recognition: an overview
    Meriem Sari, Abdelouahab Moussaoui and Abdenour Hadid
  • Scientific paper recommender systems : A Literature review
    Mohammed Aymen Ali Taleb and Imène Saidi
  • Contribution of optical data to solving problems related to the detection of change
    Mohammed Riffi and Hadria Fizazi
  • An OFDMA MAC Protocol Aggregating Variable Length Data in the Next IEEE 802.11ax Standard
    Mohand Moktefi, Mohand Yazid, Louiza Bouallouche-Medjkoune and Wissam Benlala
  • Machine leraning methods and deep learning for android malware detection using permission
    Mokri Miloud Aboubakeur El Sadek, Hamou Reda Mohamed and Amine Abdelmalek
  • Enhanced Collisions rate by a new Adaptive and Fair Binary Exponential Backoff
    Nadia Zerguine, Zibouda Aliouat and Mohamed Mostefai
  • Video Transmission by Fiber Optics
    Nadira Boukhatem
  • A hybrid chemical reaction optimisation algorithm for solving the DNA fragment assembly problem
    Naima Saidi and Abdesslem Layeb
  • Denoising of a Speech Signal Using Decision Directed Approach
    Ouardia Abdelli and Fatiha Merazka
  • GIS-Based Multicriteria Decision Analysis For Spatial Localization Problem
    Oufella Sarah and Hamdadou Djamila
  • Adaptive and Personalized e/m-Learning : Approaches and Techniques
    Ouissem Benmesbah, Lamia Mahnane and Mohamed Hafidi
  • Training feedforward neural networks using hybrid particle swarm optimization, Multi-Verse Optimization
    Rabab Bousmaha, Reda Mohamed Hamou and Abdelmalek Amine
  • Modeling and Validation of an IoT based Healthcare Management System
    Radhwane Fellahi, Samir Ouchani and Djamal Bennouar
  • A new approach for arrhythmia classification using stacked autoencoders and multilayer perceptron
    Roguia Siouda, Mohamed Nemissi, Hamid Seridi and Muhammet Kurulay
  • Robust Medical image Watermarking method based on DFT and QR decomposition
    Soualmi Abdallah, Adel Alti and Lamri Laouamer
  • Enhancing the Field Coverage of UAV using Grey Wolf Optimizer
    Wafa Nebili, Ala-Eddine Benrazek, Muhammet Kurulay, Brahim Farou and Mohamed Amine Ferrag
  • Security Implementation and Verification in Smart Buildings
    Walid Miloud Dahmane, Samir Ouchani and Hafida Bouarfa
  • LISP(P) : A new pedagogical approach for learning mathematics in colleges
    Yacine Lafifi, Rochdi Boudjehem, Rim Benoughiden and Zahra Mehnaoui


  • Novel Model of Access Control Based on Blockchain
    Amine Rahmani, Amine Abbas and Houssam Dib
  • Overview on Case-Based Reasoning in Healthcare
    Amira Sifi, Souad Guessoum and Mohamed Tayeb Laskri
  • Approximate Solutions for Balanced Arc Routing Problem
    Badis Bensedira, Abdesslam Layeb and Issam Chehir
  • SDN-based approaches for heterogeneity and interoperability issues in Internet-of-Things
    Benkhaled Sihem and Hemam Mounir
  • Data Storytelling: Big Data Analyze in Natural Language
    Djamila Benhaddouche, Zoheir Kerba and Brahim Timezghine
  • How to Deal with User involvement in Requirements Engineering of Services Based Systems
    Farida Kherissi
  • Taxonomy of Partitioning Clustering Algorithms in WSNs
    Fatima Bouakkaz and Makhlouf Derdour
  • Recognition Emotions in Speech Based on Prosodic and MFCCs Parameters
    Houari Horkous
  • Spectro-Temporal Features for Robust Arabic Speech Recognition in Mobile Environment
    Lallouani Bouchakour
  • A Survey on Routing Protocols in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks UWSN
    Manel Baba Ahmed, Moussa Ali Cherif and Sofiane Boukli Hacene
  • Distributed Adaptive Cluster Head Election Using Fuzzy Logic (DACHEFL) for heterogeneous WSNs in large scale
    Oubadi Sihem and Derdouri Lakhdhar
  • ACE-MSA: Application for Creating and Evaluating Multiple Sequence Alignment
    Rabah Lebsir, Abdesslem Layeb, Fariza Tahi and Chaouki Abdaoui
  • Image compression by adaptive JPEG approach
    Saida Lemnadjlia and Ahlem Melouah
  • Enterprise Ontologies: Theories and Applications
    Sara Chelbi and Nora Taleb
  • IoT based clinical decision support system for Early Diagnosis and Prevention
    Siouar Ouartani and Nora Taleb


  • From Object-relational to NoSQL Databases: A Good Alternative to Deal with Large Data
    Aicha Aggoune and Mohammed Sofiane Namoune
  • Reconnaissance des montants littéraux des chèques arabes basé sur un modèle d'extraction de caractéristiques amélioré
    Azzeddine Menasria
    Benoumelaz Farouk and Abed Samira
  • Improved face recognition under varying conditions based on a combination of Weber-face and Contrast Equalization
    Boualleg Abdelhalim, Bourouba Houcine, Sedraoui Moussa, Doghmane Hakim and Menasria Azzeddine
  • La Reconnaissance Des Expressions Faciales à Partir Des Images En Couleurs
    Hadjer Boughanem
  • Deep learning approach for facial expression recognition
    Mohamed Nadjib Kouahla, Adil Boughida, Muhammed Kurulay and Nene Adama Dian Diallo
    Mrabti Fatima, Bourouba Hocine and Doghmane Hakim
  • Long Short-Term Memory for Facial Emotion Recognition using Multi-Observations dataset
    Salem Tegani and Ahmed Chaouki Megherbi

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