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Number of Received Papers: 200

Number of Accepted Papers: 105 (67 Oral and 38 Poster)

   Paper ID Authors, Title
06 Lotfi HAMZA CHERIF and S.M. DEBBAL. Algorithm for detection of the internal components of the heart sounds and their split using a Hilbert transform
12 Mazouzi Amine and Kerfa Djoudi . Cardiac pathologic detection based on the wavelet coefficients and Kohonen neuronal network
15 Imen Nouioua and Nourredine Amardjia. A Novel Video Watermarking Technique Using Multiresolution Singular Value Decomposition
19 Izem HAMOUCHENE, Saliha AOUAT and Hadjer LACHEHEB. Rotation-invariant Texture Analysis Using Local Binary Pattern and Radon Transform
20 Islam BENMAIZA and Mohamed DEBYECHE. A comparison of front-end configurations for Arabic noisy speech recognition over GSM channel using HMM
23 Rachid NOURINE and Mohamed Elamine MOUMEN. Genetic Algorithm Based Road Marking Detection
26 Zohra HALICHE and Kamal HAMMOUCHE. The Basic Gray Level Aura Matrices for Textured Image Segmentation
27 Kawthar Yasmine ZERGAT and Abderrahmane AMROUCHE. Dimensionality Reduction for Speaker Verification task
28 Sid Ahmed MECHRI and Mohamed FEZARI. Comparative Study on Video Games Interfaces for HMI Application
30 Sassia ZAIDI and Larbi BOUAMAMA. Synthetic aperture and digital holography for localizing microparticles in a volume
31 Abdellah KACHA, Francis GRENEZ and Jean SCHOENTGEN. Empirical Mode Decomposition-Based Vocal Dysperiodicities Estimation
32 Mohammed Zakarya ZAAIMIA, Rachida TOUHAMI, Abdelkrim HAMZA and Mustapha YAGOUB. Performance Evaluation of Next Generation mmWave WLANs
33 Sara BELILITA, Nourredine AMARDJIA and Fairouz BELILITA. A Blind Image Watermarking Technique Using A Parametric Discrete Fourier Transform
34 Abdelaziz DAOUDI, Saïd MAHMOUDI and Mohamed Amine CHIKH. Active shape model for the semi-automatic segmentation of the right ventricle
35 Imen BOURAOUI and Amin BOURAOUI and Ahmed BOURIDANE. A Biometric Cryptosystem Based-on Iris tempelates Using ICA Algorithm with Error Correction Codes
36 Ahmed BOUZIANE and Benabdellah YAGOUBI. Estimated Duration of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Activity
38 Fouad MAAMIR. Auto-tuning of fractional PI controller using Particle Swarm Optimization for thermal device
41 Soumaya KARA MOHAMMED and Larbi BOUAMAMA. Recording of diffraction patterns by a CCD sensor and influence of depth of focus on 3D location of particles in digital holography
44 Dalila YESSAD and Abderrahmane AMROUCHE. Residual signal based G729 Resynthesized Speech for Text Independent Speaker Recognition
46 Sami BEDRA, Imad BENACER, and Tarek FORTAKI. Modeling and Design of Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna with Iso/Anisopropic Substrate Using Neuro-spectral Computation Approach
47 Fatiha MESKINE and Nasreddine TALEB. Point Set Image Registration Method Based On Genetic Algorithms
51 Chaabane LAMICHE and Abdelouahab MOUSSAOUI. Segmentation of MR Images Using Data Fusion Models
52 Chaabane LAMICHE and Abdelouahab MOUSSAOUI. Automatic Segmentation Approach based Possibility Theory for the Classification of Brain Tissues
53 Amir BENZAOUI, Nabil HEZIL and Abdelhani BOUKROUCHE. Ear Recognition Using Elliptical Local Binary Pattern and Wavelets
54 Anissa Imen AMROUS and Mohamed BEBYECHE. Feature reduction with Linear Discriminant Analysis for Arabic speech recognition in Noisy environments
56 Yakouta ZAROUK, Ismahane SOUICI, Brahim FAROU, and Hamid SERIDI. Enhanced Evolutionary Algorithm for Partial Video Encryption
57 Hayet BOUREKOUA, Souad BOULEMKAHEL, Leila BENATALLAH and Mohamed Naseradine ZIDOUNE. Application of grey level granulometry for the analysis of the alveolar structure of fermented dough
59 Mina KEMIHA and Abdellah KACHAE. Empirical Mode Decomposition for Speech Deconvolution with Application to Formant and Fundamental Frequencies Estimation
60 Abdelhalim SAADI, Rachida TOUHAMI and C.E. Mustapha YAGOUB. Performance Comparison of UWB Filters
61 Amine NEDJAR, Said MAHMOUDI and Mohamed Amine CHIKH. Content-based medical images classification
62 Lyes ABADA and Saliha AOUAT. A Machine learning approach for Shape from Shading
68 Mohamed BAADECHE and Youcef SMARA. Edge Detection in ERS-1 and AIRSAR Images
69 Ismail BOUCHERIT and Mhania GUERTI. Incorporating Level Dependency in OZGF filter to improve spectral prominence
71 Mohamed ZAIANI, Mahfoud HAMIDIA and A. AMROUCHE. Investigation of the Use of PLP Coefficients for Speaker Recognition over IP Network
72 Mihoub ZAKAYYA and Abdelatif HASSINI. Oil spill detection technique from radar and optical satallite data
74 Mohamed Aissa KALACHE and Lamia FERGANI. Tag Anti-collision Algorithms in RFID Systems
75 Aissa BOUKHARI and Amina SERIR. Video Fingerprinting based on TIRI-2D-DWT of Brut Cut Shot Boundary’s Neighborhood
77 Hassen CHAIBI and Rachid NOURINE. Skull Segmentation of MR images based on texture features for attenuation correction in PET/MR
82 Mohamed SERIARI, Med Amine CHIKH and Saïd MAHMOUDI. Breast cancer diagnosis in digital mammogram using curvelet transform and GLCM features
84 Mahfoud HAMIDIA, Mohamed ZAIANI, Nassim ASBAI and Abderrahmane AMROUCHE. Impact of Acoustic Echo Cancellation on Speaker Verification in Mobile Environment
88 Oussama BOURAOUI and Bornia TIGHIOUART. Infra tentorial tumors segmentation
92 Amina AIT-AOUDIA and Saliha AOUAT. Quad-tree technique to retrieve occulted objects
96 Seddik Rabhi, Hadria Fizazi and Ahmed Benyamina. A Hybrid Approach Biomimetic for Images Clustering Inspiration of the Fireflies Natural
97 Nafissa SADI-AHMED and Malika KEDIR-TALHA. Critical Review of a Novel scheme to Classify Electrohytrogram Signal for Term and Preterm Pregnancy Analysis
98 Amine BENZENACHE, Abdallah BENOUARETH and Hamid SERIDI. Features Modelisation in Hidden Markov Models for Handwritten Arabic Words Recognition
100 Zohra ZERDOUMI, Djamel CHICOUCHE and Djamel BENATIA. Adaptive Equalization of Digital Communication Channels Using Neural Network
102 Mokhtar OUAMRI and Kamel Mohamed FARAOUN. Improved and compliant H.264 watermarking technique with high payload capacity
103 Sara ABDEREZAK and A. FELKAOUI. Analysis of sound waves in bearings
104 Bachir M’HAMED SAADI and Zine-Eddine HADJ SLIMANE. A Real-Time PR Interval Measurement Algorithm
105 Abdellah CHAOUCH and Azeddine BENDIABDELLAH. Spectral Analysis Diagnosis of Mixed Eccentricity Fault In Saturated Squirrel Cage Induction Motor
107 Khadidja SADEDDINE, Fatma Zohra CHELALI, Nabil AMZIANE and Amar DJERADI. Sign Laguage Recognition using Probabilistic Neural Network
108 Mohamed Aymen CHARRADA and Najoua Essoukri BEN AMARA. Image extracting from ancient Arab documents with complex structures
110 Meriama MAHAMDJOUA, Mohammed BENMOHAMMED and Manel KHELIFI. PS-SIFT for Face Identification in the Illumination Variation
111 Asma ZENDI and Taher BOUHADADA. Instructional Design Approach for Modeling Formal Units of Learning
114 Nardjess BAHBAH, Hakim DJELOUAH and Ayache BOUAKAZ. Use of Nakagami statistical model and logarithmic compression in ultrasonic tissue mimicking phantoms characterization
115 Ahmed KROBBA and Mohamed DEBYECHE. Speaker identification in noisy mobile environment GSM using SVD
116 Nesrine HOUHAT and Tarek BOUTKRDJIRT. Ultrasonic Backscatter Coefficient Estimates in a Soft Tissue Mimicking Phantom.
118 Fatima GUENDOUZI, Mokhtar ATTARI and Samir BOUKHENOUS. Modeling EMG Signals Recorded During Fingertips Effort.
119 A BOUGUETTAYA, Salah TOUMI, Abderrahim BOUDJEDRA and Med Taher KIMOUR. A new fault tolerance routing approach for FPGA architecture.
120 Naziha MEHENNAOUI and Abd Elaziz MERZOUKI. Simulation with the FDTD Method of GPR Modelling
123 Amel FEROUI, Mahammed MESSADI, Ismahen HADJIDJ and Abdelhafid BESSAID. Computer algorithm for detection hemorrhages (HEs) in color retinal images
126 Hadjer LACHEHEB, Saliha AOUAT and Izem HAMOUCHENE. Content Based Image Retrieval: An Overview
127 Djalel DRICI, El-Hadi MEHALLEL and Abdelhani BOUKROUCHE. Bayesian regularization and multiresolution analysis for image restoration
128 Med KHIDER, Khaled HARRAR, Rachid JENANE and Boualem HADDAD. Texture Analysis by Multifractal Spectrum with Legendre Transform and Box-Counting Method
130 Mohamed GHADJATI, Abdelkrim MOUSSAOUI and Ammar BOUCHEMEL. Communication Channel Equalization Using Artificial Neural Networks
131 Nabil HEZIL, Amir BENZAOUI and Abdelhani BOUKROUCHE. Multimodal Biometric System using Iris and Fingerprint
132 Mohamed BENOUIS and Samir BENBAKRETI. A Novel Face Feature Extraction Method Based on Two-dimensional Subspace Analysis and probabilistic Neural Network
135 Said FELLAHI and Lahcen ZIET. The Effect of Inhomogeneous Layers on Surface Action Potential
137 Wassila ABADI, Mohamed FEZARI, Ouha BOU OUIOUA, Rachid HAMDI. Voice controller as a basic Human Machine Communication system for Voice Disordered Person
141 Fatiha ALIM- FERHAT TALEB, AIT MOHAMED Linda, Oussama KERDJIDJ and Khadidja MESSAOUDI. Implementation of SOBEL, PREWITT, ROBERTS Edge Detection on FPGA
142 Lina BACHIRI, Djamil AISSANI, Louiza BOUALLOUCHE-MEDJIKOUNE. throughput improvement of IEEE 802.11e EDCA network under fading channel
143 Belal ALSHAQAQI, Med El Amine OUIS, Abdullah Salem BAQUHAIZEL and Meriem BOUMEHED. Visual Drowsiness and Fatigue Monitoring Algorithm of Human Drivers Based on a single Camera
144 Belal ALSHAQAQI, Abdullah Salem BAQUHAIZEL, Med El Amine OUIS and Meriem BOUMEHED. Fast face detection and its tracking using symmetry
146 Oussama BENALI MEDJAHED, Naima HABIBES, Zine-Eddine HADJ SLIMANE. Solving the EEG inverse problem by genetic algorithm: Comparison with minimum norm
147 Houaria SENOUCI, Farida SEMSAR and Belal ALSHAQAQI. Development of a Vision-Based Driver AssistanceSystem with Forward Collision Warning Function
148 A. YAHI, Kamel MESSAOUDI, Salah TOUMI and El-Bay BOURENNANE. Overview of Motion Estimation Algorithm for HEVC Standard
149 Karima SARI and Bornia TIGHIOUART. Unsupervised classification of satellite images by self-organizing map network
152 Samiha AOUISSI, Mohamed BENOUARET, Hichem SEMIRA and Saliha HARIZE. FPGA Implementation of Sine and Cosine Value using Cordic Algorithm
154 Med Skander DAAS, Meriem BETTOUM, Maroua MAHMOUDI and Mohamed BATOUCHE. A Dynamic Auto-Adaptive Bacterial Foraging Optimization for Color-Based Object Tracking
155 Nasreddine KOUADRIA, Noureddine DOGHMANE, Djemil MESSADEG and Fethi AMARA. A low quality and a low complexity of JPEG algorithm based on integer DCT used in the Wireless Image Sensor Networks
156 Abdenour HADID, Juha YLIOINAS, Mohamed GHAHRAMANI, Abdelmalik TALEB-AHMED, Messaoud BENGHERABI. Review of Recent Local Binary Pattern VariantsWith Application to Gender Classification from Still Images
159 Nada DERRADJI and M. Salah BOUSBIA. Improving extended kalman filter with multi-sensor data fusion to locate wheelchair position
160 Ahmed BOURAIOU and Amar NEÇEAIBIA. Modeling and Simulation of photovoltaic system with Matlab
163 M. Fouad KHELLADI, Adel METREF, and Belkacem FERGANI. On the Performance Enhancement of RFID Reader Receiver Using Diversity and Optimal Decoding Schemes
164 Sonia CHAIBI. SVM/K-Means Combination Proposition to Speeding up SVM Training
165 Sonia CHAIBI. A Hierarchical Classifier using Support Vector Machines for Arabic Phonemes Recognition
169 Lyazid BOUKHECHEM, Amina ABABOU, Toufik MORSI and Noureddine ABABOU. Analysis of harmful vibrations induced to a manual wheelchair user
170 Med Amine RIFFI and Izabatene Hadria FIZAZI. Comparative study between the method of Post-Classification Comparison and Tasseled CapTransformation for change detection in satellite images
171 Skander BENSEGUENI and Abdelhak BENNIA. Discrete Cosine Transform of Adaptive Principal Eigenvectors Based ECG Signal Compression Technique
172 Imène KIRATI and Yamia TLITLI. Color Image Segmentation based on Probabilitic Clustering
173 Ismahen HADJIDJ, Amel FEROUI and Abdelhafid BESSAID. Detection of Microcalcifications Clusters in Digitized Mammograms for Early Breast Cancer Diagnosis
175 Abdallah BENGUEDDOUJ and Zoubeida MESSALI. Multimodal medical image fusion using PCA and DWT
180 Tarek MELLAHI and Rachid HAMDI. Converging Linear Predictive Model in iterative Kalman filtering for speech enhancement using Overlapped frames
181 Manel KHELIFI, Samira MOUSSAOUI, Ilham BENYAHIA, Meriama MAHAMDIOUA. I-MDS: An Improved MDS-based Localization Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
182 Mohamed NEMISSI, Houria BOUDOUDA and Hamid SERIDI. A Modular Neuro-Fuzzy Classifier
184 Abdelghani ALIDRA and Mohamed Tahar KIMOUR. An efficient implementation of genetic algorithms using product line engineering
186 Amira,BOULMAIZ, Noureddine DOGHMANE, Djamil MESSADEG and Abdelmalik TALEB-AHMED. Study of Energy Consumption in WSN used in the Monitoring of Bird Species in Tonga Lake
190 M. BENDOUDA and N.E. BERRACHED. Design of a Geographical Information System for Managing the Urban Road Network
194 Abdelmalek BOUGUETTAYA, Mohamed Taher KIMOUR and Salah TOUMI. A fault toleranceFPGA routing
196 A. BOUDJELAL, F. ALIM, S. SEDDIKI, O. KERDJIDJ, L. Ait MOUHAMED and K. MESSAOUDIi. Wavelet energy Embedded into a Level Set Method for Medical Images Segmentation in the Presence of Highly Similar Regions
197 F. Semchedine, L. BOUALLOUCHE-MEDJKOUNE, O. SAYEH and S. AYOUB, Dj. AISSANI. DNS-based Load Balancing with Cache for Geographically Distributed Web Server Systems
200 Aladine CHETOUANI, Azeddine BEGHDADI and Mohamed DERICHE. Degradation Identification for Full-Reference Image Quality Measure Selection

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