Word from the Rector

While welcoming you to our University of Guelma through our institutional website. We hope that this visit will meet all your expectations and questions, but above all, will whet your curiosity to the point of communicating with us. You will find all the relevant information about our study and research programs as well as all the activities that are part of our daily lives. Dear student, we allow ourselves to send you these few words in the hope of encouraging you and accompanying you throughout your university studies. Far from leaving you alone, you will have the opportunity to chat with our teaching staff every day either by phone, by email, or directly on our website through the teaching platform. Our goal is to provide you with a good working atmosphere and allow you to flourish in mutual respect. know that our main goal is to make you a must-have professional in your specialty. Know that training is the key to the future of young people. Access to knowledge and scientific culture is not a luxury: it is a necessity to become a free and responsible citizen.

The University offers its students quality training based on the pursuit of excellence and truth, and particularly on the sense of work ethic that will serve as a foundation for the success of their career. The difficult job situation justifies the pursuit of a demanding program that will allow students to obtain the skills and practical skills required by modern businesses and organizations and to create their own businesses.

The direct and continuous involvement of teachers in coaching and coaching students makes tutoring a key success factor.

Once the diploma is in the bag, the students of yesterday then become the actors of the world of tomorrow by evoking the time spent in our University springs from their mouth the expression: "my best years it was at the university of Guelma ".

It is great, the pride, the passion that we feel to serve our university and our society, we fully measure the importance of the mission that we accomplish under the direction of the Rector with the support of vice rectors, deans, vice Deans, Head Departments, Deputy Head Departments, Educational Leaders (Field, Branch and Specialty), General Secretaries, Deputy Directors, Department Heads, Librarians and all Pedagogical Staff at the Vice Rectorate level as well as at the level of faculties and departments whose known professionalism and skills, their conscientiousness and love for a job well done are a guarantee of success.

I would like at this moment, to invite the actors of this young university, to know the teachers, the administrative and support staff and the students in team spirit, self-sacrifice.

We promise to listen to you all and dialogue in all circumstances.

Professor, Ellagoune Salah

Rector of the University May 8, 1945 Guelma.

Team leader formatting and damage.

Laboratory of Mechanics of Structures of the University of Guelma, Algeria

Telephone: 213 (0) 37 10 05 60

Fax : 213 (0) 37 10 05 59

Email professionnel :ellagoune.salah@univ-guelma.dz; recteur@univ-guelma.dz,

Email personnel :     ellagounes@yahoo.fr


  • Bachelor of Technical High School Annaba, Algeria, 1978.
  • State Engineer in Mechanical Engineering, University of Annaba, Algeria, 1983
  • Diploma of Advanced Studies (D.E.A) in Mechanics from Claude Bernard University and I.N.S.A from Lyon, France, 1984.
  • Doctor-Mechanical Engineer of the I.N.S.A of Lyon, France, 1987
  • University habilitation in mechanics of the University of Guelma, Algeria, 2008.

Functions Occupied by the Rector

-1990 - 1991: Head of Department of Common Core Technology National Institutes of Higher Education Guelma

-1990 - 1993: President of the Housing Commission Guelma University Center

-1991 - 1992 (October 1991 - February 1992) Head of Department of Mechanics

                     National Institutes of Higher Education in Guelma (Guelma, NS)

-1991 - 1992: Under Director of Pedagogy (to be counted from February 1992). ;

                     Guelma National Institutes of Higher Education

- 1991- 2001: Deputy Director in charge of studies, University Center of Guelma.

- 1995 - June 2010: Director of the Guelma Continuing Education Center.

- 2001 - 2003: Vice Rector in charge of Pedagogy, Development and Retraining University May 8, 1945 Guelma

- 2003 to May 2017: Vice Rector Responsible for the higher education of the in-service training and diplomas

1992 to present: Member of the Joint Committee of Teachers.

- 2001 to present: Member of the Scientific Council of the University of Guelma.

- 2001 to 2007: Team leader formatted and damaged. Laboratory of Mechanics and Structures University of Guelma.

-2007 to today Team Member formatting and damage. Laboratory of Mechanics and Structures; University of Guelma.

- May 23, 2017 to today: Rector of the University May 8, 1945 of Guelma

Head Cabinet : Dr Khacha Abdelghani

Tel 213 (0) 37 10 05 55 poste 170

Attached to the Cabinet : Mr Cheghib Hafidh

Tel 213 (0) 37 10 05 55 poste 176


Mme Zerrari Asma .Mlle debeche Karima (Chef service perfectionnement et Formation)

Telephone:    213 (0) 37 10 05 60

Fax :            213 (0) 37 10 05 58

Tel :             213 (0) 37 10 05 53 poste 509; Fax : 213 (0) 37 10 05 55