Local Committee of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Local Committee of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Local Committee of Ethics and Professional Conduct

Legislative and regulatory texts

- Law No. 99-05 of 18 Dhou El Hidja 1419 Corresponding to April 4, 1999, as amended and supplemented, providing for an orientation law on higher education.) Art.63 ( 
(PDF - OFFICIAL JOURNAL N ° 61- of October 1st, 2006)

- Executive Decree No. 04-180 of 5 Joumada El Oula 1425 corresponding to June 23, 2004 setting the attributions, composition and functioning of the Council of Ethics and Professional Conduct of the academic profession. 
(PDF - OFFICIAL JOURNAL N ° 24 - of 07April999) .

- Order n ° 03-2014 of February 04, 2014 fixing the list of the members of Local Committee of Ethics and Deontology of the University of Guelma. (PDF)

University Charter of Ethics and Professional Conduct-May 2010

ethical charter (Ar) 
ethical charter (Gb)


In less than fifty years after the independence of our country, the Algerian University has experienced a very strong growth of all of its main indicators, as evidenced by the number of universities and their geographical distribution, the number of students and graduates, the diversification of training courses and the activity of scientific research.

While much has been achieved - although much remains to be done to reach international standards related to the size of the population - the accelerated pace of university growth has also led to many dysfunctions in terms of quality and efficiency. scientists, respect for the norms of academic life and mastery of processes to improve its performance.

This is, at least in part, due to the fact that the university carries out its training and research missions in a socio-economic and institutional environment which has also undergone profound changes, which makes it necessary to reaffirm principles and the renewal of operating rules that can guarantee both its pedagogical and scientific credibility and its legitimacy.

The members of the university community are, in this context, required to share the moral and methodological approach that leads to the ethical and deontological recognition of the best behaviors and best university practices, as well as to combat the drifts.

Emanation of a broad academic consensus, the charter of ethics and deontology reaffirms general principles stemming from universal norms as well as values ​​specific to our society, and which must be the driving force of the learning and implementation process. of academic ethics and deontology. It must therefore be a tool of mobilization and reference recalling the main principles that guide university life and inspire the codes of conduct and regulations that will result.

The charter contains:

    2. Academic freedom. 
    3. Responsibility and competence. 
    4. Mutual respect. 
    5. The requirement of scientific truth, objectivity and critical thinking. 
    6. Equity. 
    7. Respect for university franchises.
  • RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS, (Teachers, Students, Administration). 

    1- Rights and obligations teacher researcher.

    1-1. The rights of the research professor 
    1-2. The obligations of the research teacher. 

    2- The rights and duties of the student of higher education.

    2-1. The rights of the student. 
    2-2. The duties of the student. 

    3- Rights and obligations of administrative and technical staff of higher education.

    3-1. The rights of administrative and technical staff. 
    3-2. The obligations of the administrative and technical staff. 
    - The competence. 
    - Impartiality. 
    - Integrity. 
    - The respect. 
    - Confidentiality. 
    - Transparency. 
    - The performance.


The Council of Ethics and University Deontology '' CEDU '' (Installed Tuesday, February 4, 2014 and chaired by the Professor '' BELAAREEDJ Belgacem '')

Members of the local committee of ethics and deontology:

The local committee of ethics and deontology consists of seven members are respectively:

First and last names Quality organs
Pr. BELAAREEDJ Belgacem President Faculty of Arts and Languages
e-mail: belbel2353@yahoo.fr
Pr. FERKOUS Saleh Member Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
e-mail: salah_fer@hotmail.com
Pr. BENYOUNES Abdelaziz Member Faculty of Sciences of Nature and Life and Sciences of the Earth and the Universe
e-mail: benyounsaziz@yahoo.fr
Pr. AFFOUNE Abed Med Member Faculty of Science and Technology
e-mail: affoune@laigm.net
Pr. DJEROUD Sassia Member Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science and Matter Sciences
e-mail: djerrouds@yahoo.fr
Pr. KHELIL Abderrezak Member Faculty of Economics, Business and Management Sciences
e-mail: a.khelil@mail.lagh-univ.dz
Dr. CHOUAIDIA Mounia Member Faculty of Law and Political Science
e-mail: mouniachouidia@yahoo.fr